May The Best Mash-Up Win!

Designers and creative pros can unleash their imagination and debut their mash-up skills by participating in the Adobe Systems Incorporated “Take Creative License” contest. Entrants combine, alter or mash-up images available on the Adobe Stock Photos library to create a winning advertisement for the Adobe Stock Photos Service. Entries are judged on outstanding use of mash-up skills. The winning entrant will have their masterpiece published in the September issue of Graphic Design: USA Magazine along with an editorial feature highlighting the designer’s creative process. Entries may be submitted through July 16, 2007.

For contest information and entry forms, please visit:

2 Responses to May The Best Mash-Up Win!

  1. Lembit says:

    Why we Europeans must always dig into the small print to find the infamous “residents of US or Canada only” clause? “May The Best North American Mash-Up Win!” next time, please..?

  2. Paul Wightman says:

    Hello:I will want to buy some of the the images created in the MASHUP contest… I hope they soon become available!!Please have them available to buy!Sincerely,Paul