Security & Content Protection In Adobe Flash Media Server 3

Some of you might have read an article published by Reuters on Friday, September 19th suggesting that Adobe Flash Media Server 3 and the RTMPE protocol are not secure. We feel it is important for our customers, users and members of the press to receive clarification given that the claims are factually incorrect.

Following is a statement we hope clears up the inaccuracies and claims from the story.

A recent article incorrectly states that a security flaw exists in Adobe Flash Media Server software. Adobe acknowledges that not all customers using Adobe Flash Media Server software are aware they must utilize RTMPe or RTMPte (tunneled version) combined with SWF verification to provide maximum content protection. Adobe is committed to the security of all products and is actively working to ensure all customers are educated on how to properly protect content delivery. For more information on using RTMPe or RTMPte and SWF verification, Adobe Flash Media Server 3 customers can go to

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