On the road for Production Studio

One of the things I like about travelling for Adobe is how it allows me to concentrate on work. Being in the hotel where the event is held removes the worry about occasional bad traffic situations common in asia, and the usual conundrum of the “normal” life where I live. A gym a few floors down my room, a bar at the lobby and of course a pool is literally a few steps away. And yes, despite of the work we have to finish, we’ve gotta admit that these facilities were always there for the taking.

I’m now in Bangkok for my first Production Studio Launch. Thanks to Bob and Hart for doing the Singapore Launch (I learned a lot in a day… so thank you thank you so much for the wealth of info!). It was fun that the guys were here for exactly 2 whole days I think, and then off to Australia they went.

We will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Jakarta – Indonesia, Manila-Philippines in the next few weeks, and our events will be back to back to back (that means, a press release on the Macromedia acquisition, the Acrobat 7 3D road show, and of course my new favorite — the Production Studio show). Just in case this is the place to go to register for our events.

Bangkok on Food
Som Tam is a must in Thailand. It’s never the same anywhere else! And so I had Papaya salad with every meal since I arrived last night. And I’m still not tired of it.

Never ever miss the green curry beef/chicken/pork. The freshness of the basil, the creaminess of the coconut milk and the heat of the chilli… coupled with a scoop of just-cooked steaming fragrant jasmine rice! Ooooh yum…. ’nuff said.

A must-try is the Pad Thai. And make sure you buy it from the street hawker! It’s not the same from a proper resto. But if you’re a bit conservative, at least try the version the sit-down restos serve. It’s still very good. Pad Thai is the most fun to eat because you get to flavor it your way! Given 4 different sauces to dress your noodles up, the possibilities are endless!

Thailand on handicraft
The Thai people have a natural flair for style and are very good with their hands. The country provides them with bountiful natural resources from wood to silk. Thai furniture and accessories are very distinctive and very tasteful. For this trip, I am on the look out for the perfect cushion covers!

The Thais
They are friendly, polite and respectful. They smile all the time. And did I already mention they are very creative? The graphic design and video industry here seems to be booming. Movies like tom yum goong even make it outside of Thailand and showed to the rest of Asia. On the streets, banners and billboards are impressively done! I have yet to see a display of bad design here in Bangkok.

I am so happy to be here to present yet another collection of tools that they can use. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

And since I am here, I still am looking forward to more sumptuous meals and some serious shopping (if time affords me that), and maybe a few interesting conversations with these creative people in the coming days before I head back to si ngapore for a breather.

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