Our event on an iPod

If you haven’t gotten enough of the cool stuff we have for you at studio.adobe.com, or maybe you want to keep the content by your side all the time, what’s the best place to put it but your iPod?

We’ve got iPod friendly videos posted on http://www.dv.com/ courtesy of PixelCorps. Now you can watch our events any time, any where, any place!

For more interesting conundrums and valuable insights about our DV products as well as a back-stage preview of how things really work for the great team of DV product managers, and evangelists check out their blogs:

Hart talks about all things Audition in Hart’s Audition, Steve shares a wealth of tips, techniques and great After Effects info on Steve Kilisky’s After Effects Blog, while Bob talks about Marilyn Monroe’s escapade with the President and how clean Singapore is on Bob Donlon’s Digital Video Blog

Really juicy stuff for you! Have fun…

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