A Closer look at the Best Practices of CSS

And I thought I would leave this blog for dead. My deepest, deepest apologies.

Let me take this opportunity though to revive it with this entry. And to let everyone in Singapore know that there is a series of Adobe Creative@Work seminars going on in the island country.

For January, we will be spending a full afternoon at the posh Orchard Hotel to talk about CSS. I am no expert in Dreamweaver (yet!) but rediscovering CSS in Dreamweaver was magical on its own. I’ll be sharing some tips that i’ve picked up from the MAX2006 Conference (where there were a handful of impressive CSS topics we could attend) as well as cover some of Adrian Senior’s tutorial series at the Adobe Developer Center.

From what i hear, the number of registration and the waiting list is threatening to burst at the seams (or already have) and our marketing team have already increased the intake rate. Don’t be disheartened though, try your luck and pass by if you have time…

The more the merrier!

For more details of the event click here.

See you there 🙂

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