All about CSS

It was a blast… yesterday’s CSS event. I was so happy to see a fully packed room with an audience that didn’t sleep through the coding sessions we did. I don’t think it was me… CSS is just such an interesting piece of technology. I myself got hooked on it within 15 minutes of reading Adrian Senior’s tutorials.

Some of the best website I’ve found during my encounter with CSS are A list Apart, very nicely done sites and pleasing to the eye… with content that is very valuable. Today they talk about how to make prototypes with Photoshop… check it out… And if you’d like to know, this is also the place where i found some code guides on how to make CSS drop down menus! Delicious!Eric Myer on CSS cannot be missed… if anyone is to help you wrap your head around css, it’s definitely this guy… And another favorite one is GLISH, which gives all the tips for all things CSS.

An inspiring CSS exercise that any beginner shouldn’t miss is Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Garden. Not only do you learn about CSS basics in the simplest, easiest to understand manner, you also get to see what other people have done with CSS, by using the same content. You can even put up your own CSS design on tha page to share with everyone!

I really got a high yesterday doing my first CSS presentation. Coming from a print background, the group of people I had engaged with is a different crowd… but fun and very interesting just the same. I sometimes feel like i’m too geeky because I brighten up with eyes twinkling at how amazing the clear property is, and what floats can do… and I have to stop myself before I start to turn into a blabbering mongrel.

Anyway, if you really do wanna know more about CSS, the best place to get started is of course Adobe’s Developer Page on CSS Technology,
Man, these are the kinds of days I wish I wasn’t working (considering how i am so addicted with my work!), i just wanna play with css… please!


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