InDesign Scripting Resources on the Adobe Web

The first few entries in this category will mainly list all the resources that will become your favorite place to check in on information or technical details.

Please bookmark this link for scripting in InDesign.

Basic skills requirement is a strong background on programming logic. And then you’re good to go. Given three ways to script InDesign (as well as all other Adobe Programs) you can pick the one that suits you best. Choose from coding in JavaScript, VBScript or AppleScript (only on the MAC of course).

Try your hand at doing the simple and customary “hello world!” and then move up into making your own nifty scripts (either for fun or for more efficiency in your work).

If you’d like to see some samples, you can visit the Adobe Studio Exchange where you can also upload your scripts to share with fellow InDesign Users.

Trust me, if I had time, I’d be making my own sudoku game in InDesign! But wait, someone already did that… and it’s here!


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