Solutions on Adobe InDesign Server

It is indeed challenging to explain to prospective customers what InDesign Server is, what it can do and why is it the product that will drive a change in how publishing works.

One of the easiest way to explain how InDesign server works is by simply showing your prospective customers available solutions. There are lots on the web right now… take a look at our Partner showcase
The value of InDesign Server is its power to deliver visually rich content in an automatic manner. All the capabilities of InDesign Desktop, such typesetting, color controls, transparency effects etc, are supported in InDesign Server. Watch this introductory presentation about InDesign Server, as well as the Overview to the InDesign SDK

I am only an email away, so if there’s anything you guys need that I haven’t provided in this blog, please just send your inquiries or your requests my way.

Here’s the developer documentation and some sample code

If you still don’t have the debug version of InDesign and if you still don’t have the SDK, please get them here

See ya!

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