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Are you Photobucket-ing?

Today, I was pleasantly surprise to read a press release that Adobe has partnered with Photobucket to deliver a new lightweight remix and video editing tools right into Photobucket’s site.  The same useability concepts taken from Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are applied, and I am so excited to try it out myself. Premiere Elements is so much fun, easy to use and very intuitive, I sometimes even forget the complexities of the science behind video editing.  If you’re only starting out, the idea gallery is a good place to start.

For the slightly more serious stuff, there’s Production Studio of course (and yes, we are back on the Mac… i’ve posted it before, but i can’t help myself!) and here’s some fun fun fun tutorials on all the things you can do with the suite of video products Adobe has.

But as my guru will tell me, if your an After Effects addict, you shouldn’t be missing Creative Cow’s Tutorial Pages either…

And even if this entry is all about video, if you’re a fan of any of the Adobe Products, especially the Creative Suite (what else is there after that?) you’ll be missing a lot without Terry.  Better subscribe before you miss any of the editions!

Lots of things to share, but we’ll keep some for next week.

New VDP Resource Center

I am just half an hour away from the end of this week, I’m I’m inching in to finish this installment of the Info Basket.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, there is a new and updated white paper on VDP (variable data publishing). And also, better take a while a tour the new VDP resource Center From the website:

Adobe created the VDP Resource Center as a central forum for those seeking to create and deliver messages that will stand out and be noticed in an increasingly competitive and diverse media environment.

Last but not the least is an on-demand seminar worth your while at talking about VDP too.

Have a happy chinese new year!

my chopsuey* entry

At the same time that I just discovered that the Adobe Magazine is back (it used to be PROXY), John Nack posted before I even had the chance. Download the free magazine

A lot of talk on Web 2.0 too, there’s a 20 minute video that really breaks it down to nice digestible pieces of information… this is the next big thing… don’t miss it!

The concept of being able to deliver Rich Internet Applications is a science all by itself. Taking into consideration the wealth of technology that we can take advantage of (think Java, J2EE, Flex, Coldfusion, AJAX, XML, XSLT, the list goes on), our customer showcase site will show you the a handful of customers that were able to push the limits and communicate in a much more interesting, richer, more compelling way.

So last week, we had the Acrobat 8 for Print Professional Workshop (as part of the Creative@Work series in Singapore). It wasn’t as fully packed as the CSS Workshop, but still it was as engaging… some of the information we shared were the “staples” of an Acrobat/PDF workshop. Talking about PDF as a file format, as a standard (the PDF/A and PDF/X). Not to be missed of course is a little bit of review on PDF Settings, the Export PDF command and the File> Print PS comparisons.

A good piece of document though, is of course found on the adobe website (complete with diagrams and visuals… for those who don’t like to read, hehehe). A solid starting point for those who want to understand how Acrobat’s functionality and feature-set provide and delivers advanced tools for creating, collaborating on, and controlling the output of high-quality Adobe PDF files.

And if your still hungry for more resources, then, this is the place to be, with documents and articles on everything you need to know about Publishing and Printing (I’d like to do a special mention on the one that helps you CREATE THE PERFECT PDF! It’s just like finally finding the perfect pineapple pie recipe — or pineapple tarts for a singaporean, I suppose).

Also, even if fonts have been under the radar recently, I still think OpenType needs a little bit more attention than it is getting. It’s a wonderful technology that combines the ease of use of TrueType fonts and the pizzaz of the postscript font technology. Plus it’s crossplatform and it can contain over 65,000 glyphs!

Revisit OpenType here and be amazed once again 🙂

This could be one of the longest entries I’ve ever logged… but I’m having fun…

*If you have no idea what chopsuey is, wikipedia it 🙂

New Support Policies for InDesign Server etc

Quick one before the week ends:

Lots happened this week, and everyone has been more or less briefed of what needs to be done before the training commences on 12March.

1) Be part of the Adobe Solution Provider (choice of Basic or Premium). click here
2) Fill out the PreQualification form. Send to and please copy me while you are at it (that will help me follow up all your applications with MNR). click here to get to the form
3) Optional but necessary in the long run (or in the near future), Adobe Enterprise Developer Support membership. Click here for InDesign and here for InDesign Server

After all of this is done, the rest will be easy!

Any questions, you know where to catch me guys…

have a good day!

Rah-rah for the Channel and for the Sales

So I am in posh Shangri-La Rasa in Penang… don’t even have to hear that it is a 6-star resort… because it just so feels like heaven. Haven’t even spent 3 full days in Singapore, I’m ported to Penang for a packed 2-day event especially organized for the Adobe South East Asia Channel & Sales Team. I stepped into my hotel room and I heave a sigh of awe (as if I haven’t seen enough hotel rooms yet)… but what can I say, it is the Shangri-La after all…

All good… we are focusing on our Sales teams on the ground and tell them everything about Adobe’s purpose in life (to sell to sell to sell… and beyond that of course). The point of all of this exercise though, is really for our Customers. And that’s why I appreciate the value and the efforts that have been put into this activity.

It all boils down to being able to provide timely information so that the sales people understand the focus, the purpose and the value of the products and services that Adobe has positioned themselves to provide to a varied set of customers.

We have the Creative Industry to focus on as you all know CS3 is around the corner (with the Bridge CS3, Photoshop CS3 and SoundBooth in, we are gearing for a major, explosive release. Plus if you haven’t heard yet, Premiere is back on the mac! Now personally, for me, whether that’s healthy or not (only because I’ll be making like an energizer bunny when we start hitting the road for the tour… you know, keep going going going going…), it will definitely be the biggest and most fun even we’ll all have. Please look out for it once we post it on our events site.

We also have the Enterprise Market that is creeping up quietly but steadily with a lot of promising solutions. Flex and LiveCycle are the lookers! And of course, on a more interactive note, we’ve got some really interesting mobile solutions you may want to stick your nose into 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for me for now… gotta take a shower and play host to our guests! I’ll let you know if the alcohol alters my senses after the “party” tonight…

tah-tah! new favorite place

If you haven’t been there yet, then you’re probably missing a lot!

These are my personal favorites: Photoshop CS3 is on beta for all of you to see and play with before it’s official release (we are counting… counting… counting… ). Adobe Bridge is also available (and if you ask me why, I’ll tell you in the next blog) So is Adobe Soundbooth, for our video/audio enthusiasts… and if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a look at the menu

Not only do we have these beta downloads available for you, but we have a community for each of these products that take in comments, opinions, suggestions and valuable feedback from you guys, our most important partners in developing our products.
Adobe Labs is your source for early looks at emerging products and technologies from Adobe.

In Labs, you’ll find early access to downloads, samples, documentation, release notes, tutorials and more. Labs also includes forums and a wiki, where you can ask questions, discuss, and share your feedback with Adobe.

But be very careful, once you get in, you might not be able to get out (but that’s a good thing!)…