Rah-rah for the Channel and for the Sales

So I am in posh Shangri-La Rasa in Penang… don’t even have to hear that it is a 6-star resort… because it just so feels like heaven. Haven’t even spent 3 full days in Singapore, I’m ported to Penang for a packed 2-day event especially organized for the Adobe South East Asia Channel & Sales Team. I stepped into my hotel room and I heave a sigh of awe (as if I haven’t seen enough hotel rooms yet)… but what can I say, it is the Shangri-La after all…

All good… we are focusing on our Sales teams on the ground and tell them everything about Adobe’s purpose in life (to sell to sell to sell… and beyond that of course). The point of all of this exercise though, is really for our Customers. And that’s why I appreciate the value and the efforts that have been put into this activity.

It all boils down to being able to provide timely information so that the sales people understand the focus, the purpose and the value of the products and services that Adobe has positioned themselves to provide to a varied set of customers.

We have the Creative Industry to focus on as you all know CS3 is around the corner (with the Bridge CS3, Photoshop CS3 and SoundBooth in labs.adobe.com), we are gearing for a major, explosive release. Plus if you haven’t heard yet, Premiere is back on the mac! Now personally, for me, whether that’s healthy or not (only because I’ll be making like an energizer bunny when we start hitting the road for the tour… you know, keep going going going going…), it will definitely be the biggest and most fun even we’ll all have. Please look out for it once we post it on our events site.

We also have the Enterprise Market that is creeping up quietly but steadily with a lot of promising solutions. Flex and LiveCycle are the lookers! And of course, on a more interactive note, we’ve got some really interesting mobile solutions you may want to stick your nose into 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for me for now… gotta take a shower and play host to our guests! I’ll let you know if the alcohol alters my senses after the “party” tonight…


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