Up to my neck, but still kicking!

Ok, I’ve passed out again for the past few weeks (so much for my new year’s resolution… i can’t sustain it when push comes to shove). And yes it is SHOVING. CS3 end user shows for South East Asia is right around the corner and the pressure isn’t justs on, it’s haunting me like crazy. There’s so much to prepare, so much to show, so little time (isn’t it always the case)… Nonetheless, the word is *exciting* and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

In fact, I shouldn’t even be too stressed, some very good Adobe friends of mine are coming to town to share their genius and their wisdom. Look out for Bob Donlon, Tim Cole, Brian Chau, and Thomas DeMeo… the CS3 launch is gonna be a party you wouldn’t want to miss. 

So if you haven’t registered yet, better get your mouse clicking on here. There is a cap and the registration will close (we have to follow conference hall rules, and it says, we cannot fill a room with too much people lest it bursts).

Once the ball starts rolling, and once you see what we’ve got for you on our biggest release ever, the only thing that is probably going through your head is "why did Adobe take so long to make something like this". If you just can’t wait, we’ve got some e-seminars available for viewing online found here. But if you’d like to view some cool stuff on your own time, you can opt for our On-Demand Seminars.

Our first stop is Indonesia. Jakarta here we come!

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