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Adobe Max2007 has come and gone

I am just back from Barcelona, Spain where the Adobe Max 2007 Conference was held. And it was great! There is no better word to describe that four days. The fact the Adobe flies me all the way to Europe and let’s me attend one of the biggest events of the year (as far as I’m concerned) is that sweet cherry on top, but just being able to swing and mingle with the smartest and most creative people on this part of the world, makes it so fulfilling.

connect. Discover. Inspire. That’s exactly what Max2007 did. If you do a quick search on YouTube There are lots of videos of the event (both from the one in Chicago, as well as the one in Europe), but nothing beats being there. The energy and the excitement, the questions, the discussions… and the Max Party! I could probably talk about this for the next few weeks and still have the Max hangover. My mind is reeling and I’m so excited to start planning for next year. There’s so much happening and it just proves that so much more can happen to us. Who knows, by next year, we might be ready for our own Max Event.

Some of the things I’d really like to share are the sneak peaks on Astro, Thermo and the JEAplus2.

And oh, please check out the Adobe Media Player… if you don’t have it yet, i don’t know what to say…

By the way, since I’m blogging already, and if you guys haven’t found it yet, there is an Indesign Plug-in Editor.

The Adobe® InDesign® Plug-in Editor is a suite of tools for developing InDesign plug-ins, made available on the Eclipse platform.

Anyway, back to the Max, the most valuable experience I get from the Max is when I get to meet the right people. Being able to meet colleagues and having a brief connection with them makes our region more visible. It gives me the opportunity to talk about our countries, what we are missing, what we could do next year. It opens up the chance to plan things for next year.

Our business landscape is pretty unique, that is South East Asia. But we have good customers, and we have customers who know what they want. The technology is there, the infrastructure, we are still working on, and the opportunities will become more real in the very near future.

Like they say, “there is no other way but up!”

Next year is gonna be fun!