November in Review

My, my, may I just say what a busy November it was. It’s probably one of the fastest months for me this year… now I’m seeing December around the corner. Events were back to back this month, with Photoshop World being the biggest and the one that took up most of my time even a few weeks before November.

Lucky Singapore and Malaysia, they had an awesome day filled with Photoshop CS3 showcases. You can imagine what happens to a room filled with over a thousand people, and one thing is common: They are Photoshop fanatics. The challenge to make a wonderful, feature-packed, engaging day lies on us, the presenters.

How do you pick and choose what to show in a day when it comes to Photoshop? Definitely appropriate to borrow one of Oprah’s quotes (and forgive me if you’ve seen this before… it could be my favorite): “There’s so much to talk about”.

I am elated to have worked with Julieanne Kost, a psychology graduate, a photographer, an artist, and most of all a Photoshop Geek at heart. I would have posted up a photo of us together if I had one… but we had so much fun, it never occured to me. But the next time I meet her I will definitely take that photo 🙂 Singapore definitely enjoyed Julieanne’s company and I myself have picked up a lot of nifty little bits of info regarding Photoshop. Like, I didn’t know there was a difference between the feather command in Refine Edge as to the feather command under the Select Menu! And did you know that using the perspective crop is better than the perspective distort (it might not be visually obvious, but when we get into the nitty gritty of the mathematical pixel stretching and squishing… hah!).

More about Julieanne here: and http://

Kuala Lumpur had the chance to host Michael Stoddart from Sydney Australia. Not only is he a very talented presenter, He is also Adobe Asia Pacific’s Senior Sales Manager. Catch a glimpse of the not-so-serious Michael on a flicker page. The fun, the jokes, the laughs… there is definitely more to Photoshop than just shortcuts and magic eraser…

Here I found some blogs about how the event went, and I’m happy that the attendees found value and enjoyed the day:


After Photoshop World, I need to hit the ground running (again!) and prep for a 45 minute presentation to a group of enthusiast who proudly call themselves the FSUG (Flash Singapore User Group). What to present? Juicy stuff from the Max. See some more detail here… http://

To close my November off… I had to deliver an Acrobat 3D version 8 for Manufacturing in our cozy and freezing PageMaker room…

And maybe some November rain too.

Man, am I so looking forward to December!

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  1. Carlsson says:

    Hey Marianne!! How are you? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!! Waiting for an update on your blog. I check in every week y’know…. Take care!! 😀