Extensions not installing in Mac OS 10.7


recently we run into a bug in Extension Manager CS5 and CS5.5 that prevented extensions from being installed on Mac OS 10.7. The problem had to do with accessing the system root keychain on MacOS. While we are working on making an update to Extension Manager available in the next 2 weeks through Adobe Update Manager (AUM), we are making a fix available today to developers and end users. Attached are two zip files that contain the fix and instructions on how to apply it:
exman50.zip – applies for Extension Manager 5.0 users
exman55.zip – applies for Extension Manager 5.5 users

Note 1: Applying the manual fix is not necessary. You could still wait until the update through AUM is available.
Note 2: The fix we make available is different than the one that will be available through AUM.
Note 3: No update is necessary for CS Extension Builder or the CS SDK.

You can also find the entire thread on the Adobe Forums here.

Thank you for your patience. For any questions, please reply directly to the thread above.

gabriel tavridis
product manager