CS Extension Builder trial expiration extended to December 1st,2011

I am glad to announce that we have decided to extend the expiration date of the CS Extension Builder fully functional trial by 1 month to December 1st, 2011. If you have not downloaded the trial already, I urge you to do it now!

Check the trial FAQ.

gabriel tavridis
product manager

7 Responses to CS Extension Builder trial expiration extended to December 1st,2011

  1. Petrush says:

    Hello Mr. Tavridis,

    I’m developing JS automations for CS and InDesign Server for several years now and I’m very interested in your CS Extension Builder platform. I tried to download the trial version, but obviously the file is not available anylonger.

    The Akamai Downladmanager always reports this error:

    “The Akamai Download Manager has encountered an fatal error: File not found.”

    It’s annoying because I was seriously thinking about to buy a regular license, when CSEB would work as advertised … but I have noch chance to evaluate it.

    I’d be glad if you could investigate this issue.


  2. gabe says:


    Glad to hear you would like to evaluate CS Extension Builder.
    Thank you for pointing out this error. We ll get this fixed ASAP and I will reply back to your comment once it is up again. My apologies for this incovenience.


  3. Petrush says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. gabe says:


    the problem has been fixed.


  5. Petrush says:


  6. Mathew Perlick says:

    With the trial expiring tomorrow, I was wondering when you expected Extension Builder to be purchasable through the Adobe Store. I tried finding it on there just now, but it doesn’t seem to be there yet, so I was curious.


    • gabe says:


      CS Extension Builder will be available on the Adobe Store soon. You can check out the page on Adobe.com that went live yesterday and get notified when it will be available. Meanwhile, the expiration date has been extended 🙂

      Hope that helps