Adobe Configurator 3.1 now live on Labs, AAM Update tomorrow

I am delighted to announce the first ever update to Adobe Configurator. Configurator lets you create custom panels for Photoshop and InDesign. The 3.1 update contains a significant number of bug fixes and new features based on feedback from users. It also contains a number of enhancements to support the new Adobe Exchange, a marketplace for Creative Suite 6 add-ons and content, which went live last month. You can download Configurator 3.1 from Adobe Labs, or if you already have Configurator 3.0 installed look out for an update to 3.1 due tomorrow via the Adobe Application Manager.

Configurator 3.1 Key New Features

1. Button Icons: In CS6 panels, you can associate your own images with a button object as icons for different states (button up, button down, and mouse over). You can have icons for Command, Script, Script file, Action, and Popup buttons.

2. Panels for Adobe Exchange: This release offers additional support and features that help you create panels for Adobe Exchange.

  • New attributes allow you to specify the Author and a Description for a panel that is exported as a CS Extension, and attribute names have been simplified from “Extension ID” and “Extension Version” to “ID” and “Version.”
  • MenuName and Author values are required; if they are empty or invalid, you cannot export the panel as a CS Extension.
  • The Create Certificate dialog has been simplified.

3. Scripting Support: The HTML widget now allows you to invoke predefined and developer-defined functions and scripts, which gives your panel access to the JavaScript API for Photoshop or InDesign.

4. Additional Color Theme Support: The HTML widget can now detect the user’s change of color themes in Photoshop CS6, so that you can provide light and dark versions of any panel content.

You’ll find further information in the 3.1 Release Notes.

With Adobe Configurator 3.1 your panels can be more customized than ever before and you can distribute them as either free, paid, or private products via the new Adobe Exchange.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager