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Register for the Adobe Creative Developer Tour (Fall 2011)


The Adobe Solutions Enablement Team will be hosting a tour for developers and customers tis Fall. Things kick off in under 2 weeks in Singapore. There are also events in  in New York and Munich (but with very limited space remaining). They are all two day events. We have a one day event with much greater seating capacity in Los Angeles the day before MAX (October 2nd, 2011). Here you will find out about:
• CS ‘Next’ – The next version of Creative Suite, the key features and extensibility
• Creating Extensions for CS using your Flex skills and CS Extension Builder (attendees will get a free copy of CS Extension Builder)
• Opportunities in the Enterprise and much, much more.

All the sessions are presented by the Adobe Engineers responsible for products like CS Extension Builder and the CS SDK, so it’s a great opportunity to network, learn and be ready for the next major product updates. If you or a colleague or even one of your customers would like to attend please have them register here. (seating is limited)

We hope to see you there.

Adobe Solutions Enablement Team

CS Extension Builder 1.5. trial is now live


A fully functional trial version of Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder 1.5 is now available on This is the first of our efforts to make CS Extension Builder widely accessible for the entire developer community. The trial will expire on November 1,2011. If at any point during the trial, you would like to get full access to the software and developer support cases, you can purchase a membership to the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program (AEDP).

Click here to download the trial

Useful resources

CS Extension Builder Trial FAQ

What’s new in CS Extension Builder 1.5

Create your first extension in under 5 minutes (vid)

gabriel tavridis
Product Manager

CS Extension Builder Trial version available soon!


I am happy to announce that we will be making a trial version of CS Extension Builder available soon. The trial version will be fully functional and I hope that will give more developers the opportunity to see how easy it is to develop CS extensions with CS Extension Builder.

gabriel tavridis

Product Manager



London Flex User Group presentation of CS Extension Builder took place last Tuesday July 19th,2011

We finally got to present to the Flex User Group in London last Tuesday July 19th, 2011. The initial presentation had been postponed due to flight cancellations in England last May.
Three members of the Developer Technologies Group in Adobe Scotland presented the new features of CS Extension Builder 1.5, the business around developing extensions and the benefits to developers. Quite a few people attended and the comments were very positive. To list my favorite:

“Adobe is going to turn developing on it head and shake it until all the cobwebs drop out, such a refreshing demo to that didn’t focus on platform specific development, a true tool for all to benefit, thanks has to go out to Adobe, Academy class and the FLUG organisers for great evening of discovery.” by Mark Sturkey

For more information about the event and further comments, go here. Stay tuned, as there will be some announcements and more events soon.

gabriel tavridis
product manager

London Flex User Group: CS Extension Builder demo on May 24th,2011 @ 7pm


The CS Extension Builder product team will be in London on Tuesday May 24th, 2011 (@ 7pm) to present at the local Flex User Group. We will demo CS Extension Builder, show examples of what developers have built with the tool, talk about  CS extensibility and show some cool future things we are working on. If you are interested to find out how to create panels for the CS applications, influence the next versions of the product or meet with members of the team, do join us! (no registration is required)

To get more info about the event (venue etc) check the Flex User Group’s meetup website.


gabriel tavridis
Product Manager, Developer Technologies
twitter: @gtavridis

CS Extension Builder 1.5 and CS SDK 1.5 are now available

I am very pleased to announce that the latest versions (1.5) of Creative Suite Extension Builder and the Creative Suite SDK are now available through the downloads section on the CS Extension Builder website.

The team has applied significant effort to deliver a release only 12 months after the 1.0 release and we believe that it will be as successful as the first one. Some of the highlights of the 1.5 release are:

  • improved support for hybrid extensions
  • ability to develop for multiple versions of the Creative Suite
  • advanced tools for developing with XMP metadata
  • support for Content Management Systems that support the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) specification
  • extension profiling

To find out more about the 1.5 release, take a look at the articles that the team has published on the CS Extension Builder page. Over the next  few weeks we will be pushing more content (tutorials, articles, videos) to this page and we intend to make it the main resource center for Creative Suite developers. As always your feedback is important.

We hope you enjoy it!

The Adobe Developer Technologies Team