Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1 Update

Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1 Update

Windows 32-bit Link:
Size: 87.1MB

Windows 64-bit Link:
Size: 137.7MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 101.8MB

Description:This update adds new Flash Export Presets, a new XDCAM HD Exporter, Broadcast Wave export support, and a number of bug fixes.

Release Date: 09/24/10
[Note: Update was available from within Adobe Application Updater earlier in the month.]

6 Responses to Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1 Update

  1. Edie Tor says:

    If we’re running Windows 7 64-bit, do we still need to install the 32-bit update? (Due to the fact that sometimes we have to versions installed in our machine.)

  2. It appears, my dear friends at Adobe, that the top file (Windows 32-bit) will NOT download. I have tried it several times, and it stops at 60.1 MB of the 87.0 MB download. This may be the reason why all the updaters are failing. Perhaps you might consider fixing this problem?

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Sorry you are having troubles. I just tried it and it downloaded 100%. Any chance you can try this on a different type of network or network connection?

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

      • I am going to be installing the suite on a second machine one day soon (I often work outside the office, and am the only user here). We’ll see what happens then. It’s certainly possible that it’s some kind of network or firewall deal. However, all the other updates work fine. It’s only this one that is giving me problems.

      • Just for fun, I tried downloading the larger 64-bit file. It stopped dead in its tracks at 108MB. So clearly something is up on our end. Not sure what it might be, though.

  3. stesia papa says:

    Hi i have a problem, i’m trying to update adobe media encoder for flash cs5 (64bit).
    I do the installation and when I start the programm it shows an error message and the programm does not start and i cannot import video to flash