Adobe Player for Embedding 3.1

Windows 32-bit Link:
Size: 5.81 MB

Windows 64-bit Link:
Size: 6.11 MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 12.7 MB

Description: This update fixes critical bugs and security issues which existed in Adobe Player for Embedding.

Release Date: 09/03/10

4 Responses to Adobe Player for Embedding 3.1

  1. John Nolan says:

    Any idea what conditions might prevent me from installing this on iMac with CS5?

    Installer log says:
    ERROR: No media information provided for removable source location
    ERROR: Cannot iniliatize payload session


    • steve says:

      Hi John,

      Have you tried updating via Help> Updates…? That uses a different mechanism and may get you past the errors (assuming you are running the downloadable installers linked above).


  2. Greg Neagle says:

    Some CS5 updaters refuse to install from a mounted disk image. This is one of them. Copy the contents of the disk image to the local disk and try again…

  3. Tim Kimpton says:

    nope still doesnt work