Adobe Illustrator 15.0.2 CS5 Update

Adobe Illustrator 15.0.2 CS5 Update

Windows Link:
Size: 10.4MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 14.3MB

Description: The Adobe Illustrator CS5 15.0.2 update addresses a number of issues, including the following:

• PSD files lose saturation of spot colors when imported into AiCS5
• Performance problems when guides are set to dot
• Acrobat 10 documents with passwords fail to open
• Improved precision with DXF import
• Links are broken in legacy formats when image name contains Japanese characters for voiced sound marks
• Rounded Corner Edges that curved inside flipped to curve outside
• Non-Specific Crash when opening or closing files
• Security Issues

Note: For more information on the resolved issues please visit list of resolved issues:

Release Date: 11/30/10

28 Responses to Adobe Illustrator 15.0.2 CS5 Update

  1. When downloading through the Apple Software update or through the hotfix file it fails on install. When I click the link in the failure message I’m instructed to download Adobe Support Advisor, which I do, and it finds nothing. I’m not the only one experiencing this because I’ve seen others griping about it on Twitter and Adobe forums. Can you please fix this?

    • Hey Chris! I just found out the solution. If you installed the HTML5 pack for Illustrator you need to uninstall it first and then the update will work. Instructions can be found at

      Here are the steps (you’ll need to go to the address above for the links mentioned in the steps):


      Quit Illustrator CS5, if it is running.
      Revert Illustrator with HTML5 pack to Illustrator 15.0.1
      Remove the following files
      /Adobe Illustrator CS5/Plug-ins/Extensions/ArtStyle.aip
      /Adobe Illustrator CS5/Plug-ins/Extensions/CharParaStyles.aip
      /Adobe Illustrator CS5/Plug-ins/Extensions/Layers Panel.aip
      /Adobe Illustrator CS5/Plug-ins/Illustrator Formats/SVG File Format.aip
      Browse to the following location:
      /Adobe Illustrator CS5/Adobe
      Ctrl+Click and choose Show Package Contents
      Browse to the location and remove the folder
      Restore all the files you removed from Illustrator 15.0.1 from the backup that you took while installing HTML5 pack. If you do not have the backup you can get the files from here.
      Install Illustrator 15.0.2 update through Adobe Updater.
      Download the Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack and double click to mount it.
      Follow the instructions in dmg to copy/replace the Plug-ins/Frameworks to their respective folders.
      Launch Illustrator CS5.

  2. Andy Blackham says:

    The Macintosh download link for Illustrator is broken – its missing the h from the http:// at the start. Simply add it to the url in your browser to get the download working…

  3. I’m having the same issue as Chris. I don’t see any fix from Adobe or otherwise. Please address the issue. Thanks.

  4. Michael says:

    I can not get this to install from the downloaded pkg or converting it to a AAMEE package. Tried to install it locally and via ARD to a logged out machine but not luck.

  5. Michael says:

    On further testing the patch does install on a machine which does not have v15.0.1 update on it already. Another thing which may be causing a problem is I remove the .AdobePatchFiles folders during deployment and this might for some reason be needed for the v15.0.2 update…

  6. Ture Alsvik says:

    I’m amazed that Adobe doesn’t fix this correctly. I mean why spent so much time on moving, copying files – when Adobe can fix this within hours ….

    I’m very dissapointed!

  7. Will says:

    I can’t install 15.0.1 either to my 15.0.0 Ai, support advisor finds nothing wrong…

  8. Dave Reid says:


    • Jody Rodgers says:

      I am sorry to hear you are having issues with these updates. Have you contacted Adobe’s support?

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

      • Jeff says:

        Is there any way Adobe Support can post a fix in this thread?

        AI CS5 15.0.2 Mac update failed for me as well. I ran and it found no problems.

        Or in the Top Issues section of this page:

        Seems like it’s not a unique problem, and a lot of time could be saved from requiring all AI users to call in for help.

  9. TGB says:

    So……. when will Acrobat X actually be incorporated into CS5? If I was to go out and buy a CS5 suite today, my Acrobat would be obsolete.

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Hello. CS5 shipped with Acrobat 9 and will remain the version of Acrobat in the release life cycle of CS5. Acrobat is an important part of the Creative Suite releases but has been on a different release cycle for awhile. I fully understand the desire to get the latest and greatest of all of our products but I know of no plans of updating CS5 to include Acrobat X.

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  10. Jeff says:

    Tried the solution at the top of this thread. Doesn’t seem to work.

    Tried the same solution in this link and it doesn’t seem to work.

    Tried downloading the update, instead of using the update option in AI, and got this page:

    ^ the only update available is for windows. I am on Mac.

    Should I just call adobe? Is there an email addy I can contact?

  11. Jeff says:

    okay, found the mac installer, still didn’t work.

    i am using Mac OS X 10.6.6

    I followed these instructions:

    Update does not work. I am currently using Illustrator 15.0.0.

    Should I update to 15.0.1 before updating to 15.0.2?

  12. Jeff says:

    okay, 15.0.1 update doesn’t work as well.

    i think, i’ve thoroughly screwed up my directories, that any future AI update is going to have problems.

    thanks adobe!

  13. Jeff says:

    i am confused as to how to resolve this problem, there are 10 threads on this topic in the adobe message boards.

  14. Jeff says:

    uninstalled and then reinstalled 15.0.0. ran update from AI. it worked!

  15. Tom says:

    I also can’t get either of the updates to work. They immediately say that the update has failed. Even worse, Illustrator (CS5 Mac) started acting very flaky this morning and eventually crashed on startup. I trashed prefs, repaired permissions, and it still crashed on startup. I uninstalled using the Adobe uninstaller, reinstalled, and it still crashed on startup. Went through the process again and it finally started, but the updates STILL fail. I don’t know what to do at this point and calling Adobe support is useless.

  16. Cody says:

    I too am unable to get 15.0.2 update to install for Adobe Illustrator on my MacBook. I’ve tried the links above to download the file as well as the Adobe Installer app. My Adobe Support Adviser app says there is no errors to report.

  17. Chris says:

    Come on Adobe, fix this problem.

  18. Yes I can’t update either, lots of fixes out there, All take lots of time to accomplish , none
    have a guarantee to work, My same ole beef with Adobe is their lack of effort into making
    their products Customer freindly ,lots of times they can be difficult to install and sometimes
    a feeling of hopelessly getting my professional design product to be what it should be a
    working solid platform for my work not figuring out how to patch install or whatever Adobe
    expects customers to do just to use their products

  19. Sue Fazio says:

    I am upgrading from CS3 to CS5 – could you send me a link as to how to do this and will the new CS5 overwrite CS3 or do you load first then remove CS3 from your list of programs? Also is there a CS5.5? I just got what I thought was the latest upgrade of CS5.

    or do I just put in the disk and it will automatically walk me through what I should do and will take care of the questions above?

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Hello. There is a CS5.5 version. You can install CS5.x and it can co-exist on the same system (assuming you have the space on your system.)

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

  20. Sue Fazio says:

    I fogot to mention in my last comment that I have Windows 7 and work on a PC