Adobe Photoshop CS5 12.0.3 update for Windows

Note: This is an update for Windows only

Windows Link:
Size: 18.7MB

Applies to all languages EXCEPT Middle Eastern, North African and Greek.

The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.3 update fixes a number of high priority bugs including tool tips on Windows XP, painting performance and type-related issues. This update is recommended for all Windows users.

The most significant fixes in the Photoshop 12.0.3 update include the following:

— Windows XP tool tip font issue introduced by 12.0.2
— A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed
— Top type and font crashers found in the field have been addressed
— A number of performance issues have been addressed
— Crash opening 3D layers has been addressed
— Color Engine crash has been resolved
— Intermittent file format issues addressed
— Shift scrolling bug fixed
— Sharpen crasher fixed
— Marching ants not seen at certain zoom levels fixed
— Metadata focus distance issue addressed
— File info bug addressed for Orphea Studio jpg’s
— TWAIN crashers fixed
— Brush cursor bug fixed
— Histogram progress bar issue fixed
— Droplet issues addressed

John Nack’s blog entry on this update:

Release Date: 12/18/2010

2 Responses to Adobe Photoshop CS5 12.0.3 update for Windows

  1. SarahC says:

    This is great news!

    Would you know if there’s details for these?

    “A number of performance issues have been addressed”

    I’d love to know more about this. What issues were they? How much faster are they now?

    I’d love a page that details all the problems and fixes.=)

  2. HanyM says:

    I have the Middle Eastern edition , I need to update the program…any ideas??? I asked winsoft for the update but they ignored me and now they giving download links to mul update which are not working the me edition…
    help please…..
    thanks in advance