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Adobe Community Help (CHC) 3.5

Download Site:

CHC updates do not appear in Adobe Application Manager (AUM) or in AAMEE 2.0’s update list.

Adobe Community Help Forum Posting Announcing 3.5:

Release Date: 04/07/11

Camera Raw 6.4 Update

Camera Raw 6.4 update

Windows Link:
Size: 39.6MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 78.8MB

Description: This new version of the Camera Raw plug-in replaces the original one that was installed with Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 9 software. Visit the Camera Raw page for a complete list of supported cameras.

Camera Raw 6.4 Read Me:

Release Date: 4/27/11

InCopy CS5 7.0.4 Update

InCopy CS5 7.0.4 Update

Windows Link:
Size: 39.9MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 36.8MB

InCopy CS5 7.0.4 Release Notes

InDesign and InDesign Server were also updated.

Release Date: 4/26/11

InDesign CS5 7.0.4 Update

InDesign CS5 7.0.4 Update

Windows Link:
Size: 40.66 MB

Macintosh Link:
Size: 37.55 MB

Description: The Adobe InDesign Family CS5 7.0.4 update provides key fixes in the areas of Performance, Text, Graphic handling, and many others.

Highlights of fixes included in this update are:
• Dynamic spelling of dummy text on master pages results in performance decrease
• Users experience slow redraw after moving pages or objects
• PDF export of text with non-metric kerning can result in glyphs being positioned incorrectly
• Tabs are unexpectedly collapsed in PDF export of certain files

InDesign CS5 7.0.4 Release Notes

InCopy and InDesign Server were also updated.

Release Date: 4/26/11