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Hi all,
Since there has been some buzz about the performance of, I wanted to post a statement on the matter from some folks on the team who have been working on the issue. See below:

Traffic to has grown enormously during the last year, and at peak times site performance has suffered as a result. The team places a very high priority on site performance. Additional monitors have been installed to track site performance, and there have been multiple initiatives under way that have been incrementally restoring the site to the expected high standard. These initiatives have included the addition of new servers, web server and load balancer tuning, JVM tuning, and content optimization.

North America traffic is served out of a facility in San Jose, California and the rest of the world is served from Dublin, Ireland. Many of the improvements were tested in the San Jose facility first, and these same improvements are being rolled out to the Dublin facility over the next couple of weeks. These hardware and software changes to Dublin will result in significant performance gains around the world.