NEW WORKFLOW VIDEO:  After Effects P2 Support in Action

by David Helmly


November 9, 2007

Watch This:

As promised here is a quick workflow video showing the new support in  After Effects CS3 for Panasonic P2 MXF.You will see this P2 feature as part of the next free update (v8.02) which is due to be released before the end of 2007.

A few key points:

AE Importer P2

Native Panasonic P2 MXF on the AE timeline

Using Effects on P2 Footage

Premiere Pro Project Importer: Import full PremierePro P2 Projects or take your pick from a project sequence list

Imported Premiere Pro CS3 P2 Project

Take advantage of the Production Premium video suite by using DynamicLink between AfterEffects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3. Just drag and drop from the After Effects Project Panel into the Premiere Pro Project Panel.


  • By frank taylor - 4:22 PM on January 1, 2008  

    Any word on this update? I thought it was supposed to be out by end of year?————————————-Response from DKHThe date has been moved out a few weeks to mid January. Quote from the AE product manager “In order to give the After Effects team some time make additional quality improvements, we’ve decided to release the 8.0.2 update until mid-January 2008. We know that many of you are looking forward to the P2 and Leopard compatibility in this release, so we’ll have it to you as soon as as it’s ready!”

  • By Jose - 1:49 AM on January 19, 2008  

    Will tis update be for Windows also?—————–Response from DKHYes, this will update Windows as well.UPDATE…………. the release of AE 8.02 has been delayed thanks to Quicktime 7.4 and iTunes movie rental feature. QT 7.4 seems to effect a lot of video applications. AE will fail on renders longer than 10 minutes. DO NOT UPDATE to QT 7.4 until the 8.02 update has been released. The AE and Premiere teams are working on this- It is top priority. Premiere users can export Quicktime via the Adobe Media Encoder and NOT File>Export> Quicktime. Adobe AME uses the older QT libs.DKH

  • By Colin Yellowley - 10:17 AM on January 21, 2008  

    Hi,I’m desperate for the 8.02 update, when is it going to be released now? Can you give me a rough date to when it is going to be ready?——————-Response from DKHI just got an internal email, looks like we are planning to release the 8.02 update this week. Rather than wait for the Quicktime 7.4 fix. (QT 7.4 is not compatible with AE CS3) It’s still not clear whether Apple will address the QT 7.4 issue. I would manually check for the 8.02 update by going to Help>Updates in AfterEffects. It will start with the update via Help>Updates and be added to the support page about a week or later for direct download.I’ll make a post once I see that it’s available via the Help>Updates option.DKH