VideoEgg on the Mac

So i got a chance to stop by the VideoEgg wine tasting meet&greet on Monday night at VinoVenue. They announced their Mac support to coincide with Macworld, and the wine tasting was a great opportunity to talk about their technology.

From what I understand, they’ve created a browser plugin (now Mac and Win) that allows a user to capture video from a variety of sources, perform some simple edits on that video, then publish it up to a VideoEgg server in Flash video format. They showed it capturing from a DV camera as well as from an iSight, all running on Mac minis.

They’ve got a deal with SixApart that allows Typepad customers to log into VideoEgg to create video posts for their Typepad blogs. And their kiosk animations showed lots of other integration possibilities, such as YouTube and eBay. Other than that, they were quite mum on their business plans.

Funny aside: Tom Hale tells me that, at the end of the evening, my name was drawn for the Shure earphones… but I wasn’t there to collect! Doh! 🙂

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