Hints of RSS at WWDC 2006

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Apple released more details about its upcoming WWDC this summer.  Interesting sessions include:

  • Casting with the .Mac SDK – Would you like your customers to share data from your application without having to worry about networking, servers, permissions, latency, dropouts, or bandwidth? Come see how the .Mac SDK lets you "cast" in four simple method calls and learn other tips and tricks as well.
  • Podcasting Solutions for IT – Podcasting can be extremely useful for Information Technology professionals looking to serve and archive self-paced content of all sorts. Come discover some of the custom and turn-key solutions in use today and see how they can be easily incorporated into existing server configurations.
  • WebObjects and Web 2.0 – WebObjects provides the perfect foundation to build powerful Web 2.0 applications. You’ll learn the latest techniques for integrating AJAX, Syndication, and other Web 2.0 technologies into your WebObjects applications.

After the keynote, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other sessions appear that expand on this list.