MS & Yahoo not thinking about Publishing?

Read/Write Web wrote:


Microcontent Design, Part 1


Microsoft and Yahoo are two big Internet companies putting their weight behind RSS 2.0, as I’ve documented at length over the last couple of years. But there are also a lot of advocates for Atom, an alternative RSS format that is said to be more extensible. Indeed at the Microsoft Mix ’06 event yesterday, Google employee Patrick Chanezon (an Adwords evangelist) said in an interview that Google is “very bullish” on Atom.


I’ve been staring at this reality for some time now, yet it only just hit me.  Sure, RSS is good enough… for syndication.  But it is an absolutely horrible format for publishing (via the blogger/Metaweblog API).  And so by implication, Microsoft and Yahoo are apparently not thinking about the pain involved in publishing content, whereas Google most certainly is.

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