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A new-media world

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Two interesting stories in the SFChronicle today. First, a story about how traditional newspapers have to stop worrying about competing with each other, and start worrying about competing with all the newonline sources of news:


A new-media world / Variety of new sources challenge old-line news gathering

44 million Americans get their news primarily from the Internet, more than twice as many as in 2000


The decline ofnewspapers is forcing local governments to find alternative ways to reach their communities:


“It’s harder and harder to find local news coverage in the local papers,” DeSaulnier said. Now, his office is experimenting with blogging and virtual town hall meetings to better connect with constituents.


Second, a story about Phil Angelides’s campaign staff creating a MySpace page for his CA Gov election bid:


Candidates invade MySpace / Gubernatorial hopefuls seek younger voters on teen chat site

Google the name of Phil Angelides, the Democratic candidate for governor, and you’ll get the usual responses. There are his official Web site, some recent news stories and political blogs. But on the second page, there’s a surprise — a Phil Angelides MySpace site