Engage customers thru discussion around your brand

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Ryan Stuart over on the Read/Write Web blog has a great review of the NoteTag release from the Kiwi Project:

Read/WriteWeb: What Adobe’s Kiwi Project is about

Imagine companies being able to actually engage with their customers instead of just pushing ideas at them. With experience at the forefront, companies can be encouraged to share more and their customers will be inclined to participate – eventually becoming stakeholders in the brand and products. RIAs allow for an incredible level of branding, that when combined with content, makes for an enticing place for customers to share ideas. Currently you see high-experience flash websites for things like movies and cars, but there is no "write" component to them. Take that branding, add the write component and you will be able to engage with customers in revolutionary ways.

Exactly right.  Then add a "take it with you" desktop angle to it, and that engagement can become even more rewarding for everyone.

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