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Atom Bank Shot

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steve cooley presents – Atom Bank Shot

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Atom Bank Shot:

    1. I installed the experimental Atom Publishing Protocol Server in in my local WordPress test install.
    2. Posted a entry using curl to talk to WordPress.
    3. Used hAtom2Atom.xsl to grab the embedded hAtom from the Sandbox themed blog.
    4. Read the posted entry in NetNewsWire.

Round trip.

My colleague Bill is making progress publishing to WordPress with the Atom protocol. Deeje, meet Bill.

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Hi Bill.  WordPress is a great blogging platform.  Atom is a great protocol.  Glad to see these two finally working together.

Quoting and Tagging Temporal Media

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The last few weeks has seen a flury of activity around pointing inside temporal media files on the web.

Below, I’ve summarized various approaches with abstract examples, using "start" to represent a numerical start time, and "stop" to represent the corresponding stop time, within the temporal media.  Unfortunately, not all start and stop times are expressed in the expected HH:MM:SS format.




Of the three approaches, the anchor approach seems most elegant, while the path overloading seems least elegant.  Fortunately, any of these methods should support a generic implementation of deep tagging, since they’re all valid URIs.

BTW, Google also offers a way to embed a video file with a specific start point, by passing in a specific parameter into the Flash video controller.

<embed … FlashVars="initialtime=start" />

The Kiwi Team is Hiring!

The Kiwi Project wrote:

The Kiwi Team is Hiring!

Interested in working on a cutting-edge, Flex-based, “Web 2.0” project? Interested in building one of the first Apollo apps from the ground up? The Kiwi team is currently interviewing candidates for a senior engineering position. If you’ve got solid Java/OO skills (Flex experience is obviously a plus) and live in the SF Bay Area, we want to hear from you! You can find the job description posted here (search for “kiwi”, then click on “Computer Scientist”).