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Philo Demo at Adobe MAX 2006

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During his Adobe MAX 2006 first day keynote, Kevin Lynch demonstrated a series of Apollo applications, including ones from eBay, MySpace, and VirtualUbiquity.  He also demonstrated a new internal Adobe project, codenamed Philo*, that focuses on Internet TV.  You can see the bulk of his keynote presentation in the Adobe MAX 2006 Conference Q&A Webcast; the demonstration of Philo starts at exactly 36 minutes.

There’s been lots of great write-ups of Kevin’s keynote in general, and of Philo in particular.  One of the best reactions was from Jeremy Geelan at WebDDJ:

MAX 2006 Show Report – Kevin Lynch’s Day One Keynote @ WEB DEVELOPER’S & DESIGNER’S JOURNAL

…Lynch closed with an Internet TV application being developed in-house at Adobe, called "[Philo]." If anyone had any doubt that Flash video is at the center of the Adobe vision for 2007-8 and beyond, Lynch’s slick demo will have without a doubt showed them that it will be.

Stay tuned subscribed…

What is the future of web video?

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Are you at Adobe MAX 2006 in Las Vegas? Do you use an RSS aggregator?  Do you subscribe to video podcasts?  Adobe will be hosting a series of round-table discussions during MAX to learn how you want to engage with web video content. If you’re interested in participating, send me an email (dcooley at …) requesting an invitation.

MAX Keynote

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As Sho says, If you’re in Las Vegas for Adobe MAX 2006, don’t miss the start of the keynote tomorrow morning… 😉