Securely distributing TV across the web and to the desktop wrote:

Securely distributing TV across the web and to the desktop

Today, TV viewers are turning to DVRs to take back control of when they watch their favorite shows. TV viewers are also trying to find ways to download their favorite shows so they can watch them where they want. Content owners have been struggling to meet their viewers online, to move from traditional TV to Internet TV.

When it comes to supporting Internet TV, it’s already been a very busy year for Adobe’s Dynamic Media Organization (DMO). A major theme for us has been to enable the business of content thru various forms of content delivery and protection. Whether streamed to the web or downloaded to the desktop, Adobe now has a range of products that let you securely distribute your video content conveniently to viewers when and where they want it.

First, we released Flash Media Server 3 earlier this year, which includes dramatic performance improvements and significant security features. Specifically, the SWF Verification and RTMPe features of FMS work in tandem to ensure that your video streams are being securely delivered to your known, good clients. These include your SWF-based players on your site or syndicated to other trusted sites, as well as trusted AIR applications, such as the forthcoming Adobe Media Player.

Another piece of the Internet TV puzzle fell into place this week, when Adobe released Flash Media Rights Management Server. FMRMS is designed to protect video content for download into specific AIR applications such as Adobe Media Player. You can build your own AIR applications to delivery video content thru a variety of paid business models, such as rentals and paid subscriptions. Adobe Media Player supports these models, and also enables you to securely delivery free TV shows with dynamic advertising, such that viewers don’t need to sign up or sign in.

Here’s a simplified graphic that shows how these two server products enable you to deliver and protect your video content:


Of course, securely delivering video content is only part of the challenge of Internet TV. Providing a convenient user experience is even more important for sustaining the business of content.

Today, content owners both large and small use the power and flexibility of Flash to deliver full-length episodes of their TV shows to the web, and sustain it via advertising. Because of the ubiquity of Flash, its very easy and convenient for viewers to find and watch those TV shows online.

Similarly, Adobe Media Player provides an easy and convenient experience for legitimately downloading free full-length episodes of TV shows, with dynamic advertising that can be customized by the viewer to be more relevant. The dynamic advertising is securely attached to your episodes such that viewers can’t remove or replace the ads, and of course can’t open up any of the local media bits to re-edit, remix, or repost your content elsewhere.

So, whether its streamed or downloaded, Adobe is helping video content owners to sustain their business while providing easy and convenient experiences for TV viewers to watch their content when and where they want.

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