Internet TV: Getting a branded desktop video player wrote:

Internet TV: Getting a branded desktop video player

Adobe Media Player includes a feature for content owners called dynamic branding. This is branding that is carried inside your RSS feed and displayed around your content whenever a viewer clicks on your show and/or episodes. The benefits of dynamic branding include:

  • Users only need one copy of Adobe Media Player on their desktop to aggregate all of their favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.
  • Publishers can get a branded, immersive experience around their video content without having to build and maintain their own cross-platform desktop players.

In this video, I briefly demonstrate dynamic branding, and also explain how Blip publishers can add branding to their existing shows using the Blip dashboard.

Lots of other video management systems are adding dynamic branding capabilities to their dashboards, such as StreamOS, thePlatform, and Maven. If you’re publishing video today via a video management system provider, ask them about Adobe Media Player integration…

If you happen to be generating your own Media RSS feeds, adding dynamic branding support is easy. First, add the following namespace to your <rss> tag:


Then add the following tags under the <rss> tag:





Here are the details of these branding assets:

  • Adobe Media Player likes a large show logo, upwards of 200×200 pixels. If you don’t specify a logo in our namespace, we’ll try use the <image> tag if available.
  • The full banner should conform to IAB full banner dimensions, 468×60 pixels.
  • The half banner should conform to IAB half banner dimensions, 234×60 pixels.
  • The background image should be 1024×576. Adobe Media Player will automatically apply several filters to this image to make sure that text and controls are legible. Don’t try to line up anything in your background image with the control surface of Adobe MP, as we proportionally scale and crop the background as the suer resizes the window and positioning is no guaranteed.
  • All of these assets can be in common image formats, such as PNG, GIF, or JPEG. Alpha channels are also supported.

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