First step with the Experience Services trial: how to deploy

UPDATE: 2 April 2012. I have more details about how to deploy Experiences Services (and CQ and CRX). I created a new post based on seeing the things that can go wrong when deploying the CRX Quikstart.

See: Installing CRX, CQ or Experience Services for Desktop Development

The trial download for the ADEP Experience Services is a single jar file. Deploying the Experience Service server is easy. Place the jar into the directory you want your server files to be. Make sure you have Java 1.6 installed. Java 1.7 will not work. Double click on the jar and it will start the server. The first time Experience Services runs it deploys its files into the same directory that contains the jar. After it has started up the administrative page opens in the Web browser. The default user name is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘admin’.

What’s next? Quite a bit is crammed in that single file. You can do a lot. Some of the pieces inside Experience Services are familiar, such as Data Services (formerly LiveCycle Data Services). Other pieces may not be as familiar.

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