A quick way to find an out-of-control thread within CRX

It happens. A process is out of control, consuming system resources on your server and bringing performance to its knees. And many times it is very hard to tell what is behaving badly. For CRX on the Experience Services platform there is a rudimentary profiler that comes in handy when trying to troubleshoot this sort of problem.

The URL for the profiler is at http://[your crx host]:[your crx port]/crx/diagnostic/prof.jsp. This profiler is started, then stopped. It shows the number of times threads ran while the profiler was collecting, sorted in the order of frequency. That’s not a lot of information, but for a quick test to see what is wreaking havoc the built-in profiler works. For more complete profiling use a third party profiling tool such as YourKit.

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