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CQ 5.5 DAM Video Encoding – Changes are Needed to Work with FFMPEG version 20121230

The FFMPEG version 20121230 has some changes that keep the out-of-the-box profiles for CQ’s DAM video encoding from working on all browsers. For one thing, this version of FFMPEG does not support the libfaac audio codec and one of the profiles uses that.

Make changes to the High Quality H.264 profile (http://localhost:4502/etc/dam/video/hq.html). Change the audio code to libvo_aacenc. Change the custom flags to:

-flags +loop -me_method umh -g 250 -qcomp 0.6 -qmin 10 -qmax 51 -qdiff 4 -bf 16 -b_strategy 1 -i_qfactor 0.71 -cmp chroma -subq 8 -me_range 16 -coder 1 -sc_threshold 40 -b-pyramid normal -wpredp 2 -mixed-refs 1 -8x8dct 1 -fast-pskip 1 -keyint_min 25 -refs 4 -trellis 1 -direct-pred 3 -partitions i8x8,i4x4,p8x8,b8x8

When the CQ video component is used in a Web page switch to Design Mode. Many of the settings for the video component are editable in that mode.

I use the following order for profiles:

  1. Firefox HQ ogg
  2. High Quality H.264
  3. Flash 7+ low quality

Make sure Strobe Flash player is selected as well under the Flash tab.

Thanks to Marc Pfaff for working out the changes to the HQ video profile.