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Oct 26, 2010

AAMME 1.2 Preview at MacTech Conference

We don’t have a breaking news section of the blog. We should because we have some news hot off the press. (Is Adobe allowed to use a hot metal printing process method metaphor?) Okay, drum roll: We are pleased to announce that AAMEE 1.2 will be previewed at the upcoming MacTech Conference in an IT Track session!

And wait, there’s more! If you have been waiting to the last minute to decide if you are going to the conference then file this next bit of news under “good things happen to those who procrastinate until the last week before the conference and then get rewarded with a special offer.” Readers of this blog (or if you got here from a retweet) get a special discount for the MacTech Conference through this Friday 10/29/10. You can save up to $200 with an option of a bundled Apple Certification Exam, or a $100 cash discount off the $899 registration price. Space is limited, so this is first come, first served. You must use this URL for the special pricing and extended offer period:

The conference is being held in Los Angeles November 3-5. If you haven’t looked at the updated MacTech Conference lineup it has gone from awesome to awesomer, which isn’t a word. “Awesomer” should be, so I would have the proper adjective at my disposal. There’s over 40 sessions, check them out:

There is also lots of other cool events going on during the conference. I am a space geek so the evening trip to the Griffith Observatory should be cool and I am definitely checking out the iPod Touch controlled Planetary Exploration Rovers.

Hope to see you there!

Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite



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