New book on Flash Video featured on Design Center

I just want to highlight some excerpts we have recently posted on the Adobe Design Center. The excerpts are from “Foundation Flash 8 Video” by Tom Green and Jordan Chilcott, a book from friends of ED. I’ve checked out a number of chapters from this book, and it looks great – each chapter contains a wealth of procedures that tell you how to actually do stuff (instead of talking about doing stuff… ). I also like to see that the book includes a lot of integration between Illustrator, After Effects, and Flash. Anyway, we’re really happy that they agreed to let us share some of their tutorials on the Design Center. You can find them here: (on complex masks and FLV) (on creating a camera object in Flash) (on masking video)

There are more tutorials from this book on the way, several of which integrate After Effects with Flash. So stay tuned!

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