New tutorials and articles on Adobe Design Center

We recently added new content to Adobe Design Center. We refresh content on the Design Center twice each month. The new content from our most recent refresh late last week is as follows:

New articles and tutorials:
Please check out the following new content on Design Center:

New Dialog Box:

After Effects to DVD
Bob Donlon

New tutorials:

Adding dynamic images to your website using Dreamweaver
Lucinda Dykes

Discover seamless integration with Adobe Dynamic Link
Chad Perkins

Prepare your InDesign files for print production
Claudia McCue

Using the Keylight filter in After Effects
Tom Green, Tiago Dias

Put the “art” in chart with Illustrator
Mordy Golding

Special Illiustrator video tutorial series launched:

Migrating from FreeHand to Illustrator
Mordy Golding

Getting started

Migrating existing FreeHand content

Working with multiple pages
Basic object editing

Advanced object editing

Working with text
Live paint and Live trace
Enhancing creativity
Enhancing productivity
And a PDF created by Adobe: “Adobe Illustrator CS2: FreeHand to Illustrator migration guide

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