New tutorials on Flash, Lightroom, photography — and Design Center editors have blogs!

We recently added new content to Adobe Design Center. We refresh content on the Design Center twice each month. The new content from our most recent refresh is as follows.
New Dialog Box:

Design Center editor community blogs
by Jen deHaan

Rendering the print: The art of photography
by Karl Lang

New Gallery:

The Barbarian Group
artist site:

Design center Barbarian Group gallery

New Think Tank:

The last stage is acceptance: Robots and design
by: David Womack

New tutorials:

Using Flash for the first time – Part 3: Publishing and adding a Flash file to a web page
by: Jen deHaan

Top 10 Photoshop Lightroom shortcuts
by: Matt Kloskowski

Color workflows for Adobe Creative Suite 3
by: Adobe

Adobe PDF in creative workflows
by: Adobe

New!  Design Center editor blogs
We are blogging about tutorials from the community that we find online. You can find our blogs here:

Luanne Seymour’s blog:

Jen deHaan’s blog:

More information about the blogs:

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