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Mark Phibbs to take the stage at next week’s mUmBRELLA 360 2012

Ben English, Group Marketing Manager, Adobe ANZ – LinkedIn@bmkenglish

Want to find out the secrets to a successful digital marketing strategy? Adobe’s Mark Phibbs and ExactTarget’s Eric Prugh will reveal all next week in a presentation  to Australia’s marketing leaders on day 1 of the mUmBRELLA 360 conference in Sydney.

The event, which runs June 6 and 7, brings together the media, marketing and entertainment industries’ most exciting and innovative companies, providing a platform for industry professionals to gain new insights and understanding by sharing their experiences. In addition to the presentation by Mark and Eric, the event will boast keynotes from a ‘who’s who’ of influential Australian media and marketing executives as well as panel sessions arranged by mUmBRELLA readers.

Adobe and ExactTarget’s presentation will explain why digital works, how the marketing department has become the new finance department, and how the right digital marketing partnership can spur an increase in online sales and brand awareness.

Other event topics include:

  • Social media’s evolving role in journalism
  • Converting fans to sales
  • Mobile advertising and marketing
  • The future of broadcast
  • Capturing attention in an on-demand world
  • Leveraging the power of video

It’s going to be a magnificent media and marketing-fest, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

The mUmBRELLA 360 conference takes place on June 6 and 7 at the Hilton, Sydney. For information on registration, pricing, programme and accommodation visit the mUmBRELLA 360 website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Not all clicks are created equal

Siva Ganeshanandan, Director, Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe APAC – @sivagatwork, LinkedIn

Forrester estimates that by 2014, the web will influence more than half of all retail sales. In this landscape, businesses have to draw attention to themselves, be strategically positioned, and engage consumers with relevant, personalised content after the consumer clicks through to the ‘call to action’ URL. With this in mind, businesses are now working through what the optimum post-click experience will look like for their many different groups of consumers. The ultimate goal? To maximise brand affinity, engagement and ultimately, of course, conversions.

We’re quickly learning that not all clicks are created equal. Not all users are the same, so one digital experience is not necessarily going to resonate with every consumer. To be effective in the online world, brands must determine how to cater to many different audiences, by creating tailored digital assets, landing pages and social media channels for optimal campaign performance.

We’re beginning to realise that the next step to effectively maintaining an online presence is measured by the quality of a user’s visit to a brand’s page – closing the gap between brand awareness and brand affinity. It isn’t so much about the volume of people clicking through to your website, but rather the quality of the consumer’s experience.

If you’re not providing optimised post-click experiences, you’re potentially creating a message mismatch – and that’s the single biggest reason for triggering the back button in a web browser.

For years, marketing professionals have discussed the importance and value of landing pages and click- through. It is only now that digital marketers are beginning to look at the next phase of click-through experiences, the post –click. In recognising the value of providing different digital experiences for different audiences, online brands can ensure that the consumer experience they provide closes the gap between brand awareness and brand affinity, and that is the ultimate goal. So, are you ready to be first past the post(-click)?