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Srihari Palangala Country Marketing Manager Adobe India

Srihari Palangala Country Marketing Manager Adobe India

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  1. Buu Le says:

    Hi Srihari Palangala,
    Greeting from HoChiMinh City – Vietnam.
    I just read your post ” Necessary Elements of Digital Marketing for Startups” at, and it is so valuable to me. Thus I am writing to thank you for sharing such a great post. Just for your information, I am in process of preparing to launch a small start-up providing real estate training in HCMC- VIETNAM, and internet marketing is one of the key activities which i am planning to focus on for targeting university students and young professionals. However, I am having very little knowledge about this area, as such your slides are so valuable to me, greatly appreciate that.

    By the way, If you don’t mind, I am very grateful if you can help by sharing with me any marketing materials and/ or templates that I could use or make reference for my marketing activities? If not, could you please help by referring me to any marketing resources that you think it may help me in this regard.

    Once again, thanks for your great post and slides, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    Buu Le

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