10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

10) Scale(s) – Sorry, saved the worst pun for last

Many of the trends above will be amplified by scale. Most of the increases in scale will be positive.

Budgets will scale. Teams needed to execute on that budget will scale.  We talked about the content velocity – that will scale. The amount of data available will scale.

While these thing things are positive, making the most of the opportunity will present new challenges that many of us in the region have not been used to.

The good news is that there are (in most cases), other markets that we can learn from – in fact, finally, some of those case studies from large brands become relevant.

In many cases the increase in scale (will) reach a point of, where marketers will need to do things differently. This can be going from manual to automated. Going from 1 tier of service to the next. This will require expenditure – but if all the other 9 trends are also accurate, this expenditure will be spent more wisely than in any previous year of the Chinese Zodiac.

Gong Xi Fa Cai – wishing you every success in the year of the snake.

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