10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

4) Rattle: Targeting to qualify as much as attract  

Asian marketers are starting to get to grips with conversion optimization and funnel optimization.This year, there will be more emphasis on qualification. In many markets, and in many industries, the true conversion is offline, and Digital Marketing is starting to be accused of too many unqualified leads – this is obvious in B2B, but also applies for Telcos, Financial Services with people with the wrong credit rating or returns in Retail.

Key to this is also areas like looking at customer lifetime value, so if it costs the same to acquire a segment with a higher ARPU (AOV, AUM etc. depending on your industry) as a lower value, we can focus energies on the ones with higher ARPU.

What does this look like:

  1. Its starts with the content, and testing the language that works  Rephrase
  2. Targeting specific messages to different segments.
  3. The final (more complex) goal is to make the segmentation based on Customer Lifetime Value.

It’s not just about getting more customers, the same technology can warn off the wrong type of lead/customer.

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