10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

5) Snake Charmer: NPS for Marketing 

Snake charmers can attract snakes, but more importantly charm them and keep them contented.

The customers that are really happy and are willing to promote your brand are giving you clues as to what parts of your customer service you are doing right. Research last year showed that return customer (in online retails) was worth 5 shoppers in terms of revenue. A repeat customer, was worth 9 shoppers.

A widely accepted measure for customer satisfaction (with the company, not just an interaction), is the Net Promoter Score(NPS) . While revenue and margin are still key scores, NPS is taken very seriously at the board level.

Next year, marketers will start to tap into this key metric in areas such as a NPS for digital channels. Innovative brands will look to analyze customers who give high scores on the NPS scale and look for other customers that show similar behavior or fall into similar segments.

Discover who your ‘charmed’ customers are and replicate their experience.

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