10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

7) Snake Eyes: Media Attribution Mid Campaign

Many of us look at the performance of campaigns after the fact. And we tend to look at the easiest to attribute – and so far, in digital, that has largely been the last click. This will change in 2 ways as marketers keep a keen pair of eyes on every campaign.

First, track performance in real time and adjust everything from placement and bids to channels and target segments. Secondly the attribution is mostly last touch – we all know this, but in the year of the snake – snake eyes are watching the spend, and when you watch it, you will improve it. It will probably start with first and last touch attribution.

We saw last year for example that when you look at first touch, Social’s influence is 80% more than when you only look at last touch. That kind of insight can have significant impact on business and as marketers start doing it, it gets addictive! By the end of the year, we are looking at multi-touch attribution incorporating touches like display add views.

Marketers will be able see more of the picture, in time to be able to do something about it.

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