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Returns on Your 2013 Digital Marketing Investments

Many economists are predicting 2013 to be a tough year and in such challenging times, the companies that survive and thrive are the ones who have learned how to prove value to customers and business stakeholders.  Are you among them? Do you have the capabilities to measure your return on investment and your ad spend as well as engagement?

Hear from distinguish guest speakers Damien Cummings (Regional Marketing Director, Digital & Social Media Samsung Asia) and Ali Bullock (Head of Communications, World Wildlife Fund, Hong Kong) as they share their insights, experiences and best practices around digital marketing strategies and how they have proved value and build the brand through the results they have achieved.

Join your industry peers in digital marketing, advertising, publishing, and web analytics for this exclusive event in Singapore to hear about the latest in Web Experience Management, Analytics, Social, Mobile, multi-channel, conversion, optimisation and much more.  Don’t miss out on the chance to strengthen your digital know-how and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to get ahead of the competition. Registration for this half day event is free but seat are limited, based on first come first serve basis. So, what are you waiting for? Register Now!

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The Digital Pulse at the Heart of Australian Marketing

Siva Ganeshanandan, Director, Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn, @sivagatwork

“Everything is digital now,” said the marketing executive I was sitting down to have a coffee with during a break in last week’s Marcus Evans Marketing Summit, held on Australia’s Gold Coast. For me, digital is so central to the marketing world I inhabit, that I take its ubiquity for granted. But I noticed that for many of the audience of more than 60 marketers attending the event, especially those from the B2B sector, the experience was a real eye-opener.

What really stood out for me was that for some of the leaders in their sectors – such as Virgin Mobile and Qantas, digital was not thought of as a separate channel that required a specific budget. Rather, it was an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. One senior marketer from an iconic Australian brand said he could see major campaigns in the future comprising purely digital – perhaps even leaving out free to air TV from the mix.

With digital marketing fully bedded down into the marketing mix, not surprisingly mobile and social were the areas of interest at the event.  Social played a role in every case study presentation  – but there was certainly a divide between the consumer marketers who were fully engaged  and the B2B marketers, for whom there was still clearly an air of cautiousness about ‘being on social’. But the ‘digital divide’ wasn’t as clear-cut as B2C versus B2B or large companies versus smaller organisations, or about the size of the budget

Marketing guru Iggy Pintado (@iggypintado) delivered a keynote on social, emphasizing that we need to be able to prove its business value beyond purely marketing KPIs – something that even the most sophisticated marketers are struggling with. Another interesting idea that was raised during the summit was from Justin Papps of Chandler Macleod, who has started using Facebook as a channel of payment to their employees.

I sat on a panel to talk about trends and directions in Mobile Marketing. An on-the-podium SWOT analysis done by the panel together with all the networking discussions confirmed in my mind what the reports say: there are more Strengths and Opportunities around digital marketing campaigns, including social, than there are Weaknesses and Threats. Indeed the biggest threat was simply being late to the party, and losing out to the competition.

Over coffee with my new marketing executive friend, we ran a simple search on Twitter. Sure enough, it proved his brand was in fact already ‘on social’. Just because his organization hadn’t started their social strategy, didn’t mean they were not already in the game. Digital marketing really is everywhere, the opportunities are terrific and the time to integrate is now.

The Marketing Events Awards 2012 – get your submission in now!

Mark Phibbs, Senior Director Marketing and Global Channel Marketing, Adobe APAC

The first-ever Marketing Events Awards will be held in Singapore this November and I was very pleased to receive an invitation to join a panel of judges with executives from companies such as Adidas, HSBC, Sony and many more.

It’s an excellent time to be holding awards like these. Even in this digital era, events are still a critical avenue for companies to attract new customers, nurture relationships with their existing clients and boost brand presence and awareness. The difference we’re seeing now is that digital technology and social media have really changed the way we promote, hold and measure the effectiveness of events. We are seeing some truly innovative and ground-breaking ways to integrate technology into events, making them more interactive and memorable. For example, events can be held virtually, online, which will allow communities across time zones and geographies to meet easily. Social media is being used to enrich the experience, spread the word, share your thoughts and connect like-minded people. How many times have you ‘attended’ an event just by following the hashtag on Twitter? Not only do you get a great sense of the highlights and key points that speakers are making, it’s also a terrific way to broaden your own network by getting to know new people in your field of interest.

So are you an entrant in the 2012 Marketing Events Awards? If you haven’t already got a submission in, you can still enter any time until 8th October. Here’s the link:

As a judge, I’m going to be looking for a strong planning process and for great thinking behind the execution. There needs to be a clear measurement and evaluation methodology. Finally, I’ll be looking for visionary, out-of-the-box thinking that showcases the amazing creativity we have here in Asia Pacific.

I’m very much looking forward to see Asia’s best example of digital events and interactive marketing!

Is your brand smashable?

Imogen Riley, Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn @IERiley

My team and I recently attended Martin Lindstrom’s symposium, Brandwashed. Martin had my attention from the get go – his ability to engage the audience for an entire day was incredible! He takes you on a journey into consumer psychology and challenges you to think outside the box.  Here are the key takeaways I took from the event and hopefully give you some actionable insight on ways to boost your brand.

1)      The brain acts irrationally – Martin begins by explaining how we act irrationally and are ruled by emotions. Did you know 15% of what we do daily is rational compared to 85% which is irrational? Therefore businesses cannot assume their consumers behavior without extensive research.

2)      Smashables – Would your consumers still recognize your brand if your logo was removed? Martin’s concept of ‘the smashable brand’ was a real eye opener. He explained how businesses have to own every aspect of their brand. By this he means a whole range of related elements, sound, shape, colour, a word, an icon and so on. For example, Coca Cola can still be recognised if you remove its logo just by the shape of the coke bottle. Apple is associated with the apple icon, the ‘i’ naming series and many more instances.  Google owns the word ‘search’ – when a consumer goes to search something online, they almost always go to Google (so much so that people say ‘google it’ instead of ‘search it’). So, is your brand smashable?

3)      Word – of – mouth – Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It can be your most useful or detrimental tool – use it wisely and effectively. “It takes a mere 5% of ‘informed individuals’ to influence the direction of a crowd of up to two hundred people” according to Professor Jens Krause from Leeds University. Identify your key influencers: who are your 5%?

4)      Generation-to-generation Branding: Did you know that 65% of our adult brand choices come from our parents?  If this is the case should we then relook at our target group? People tend to remember their past in a positive way and associate certain sound, smells and taste with it – clever brands can leverage this to tap into their consumers’ nostalgia for the past.

5)      Gamification – We are entering the era of games. Brands are capitalising on the concept of games and using it to drive consumer engagement. How can your brand incorporate a gaming aspect?

6)      Contextual Branding & Customisation – in the future everything will be customised. In this highly competitive environment, brands need to offer a customised experience to customers, either through website content, promotions, product selection or so on. Brands must understand their customers and their social interactions in order to engage them. Technologies such as Adobe Social allow brands to have full visibility into their customers’ social interactions and behaviours and respond to them appropriately.

7)      Have a mission in mind– Clarify your mission to your customer and employees. A mission will create a vision which in return will generate passion. Think about what you are selling, what the benefit is and what the added value is. This will then clarify and simplify your message. For example, Adobe’s mission is: To transform the world through digital experience’. What is your statement?

Get into the minds of your consumers! Go out, interact with them, conduct research, and understand their needs. Talk to them on social media and listen to what they are saying. The more you understand your consumers and how they view your brand, the better you become in responding to their needs and the more you will grow. Feel free to leave your comments and questions.

Fairfax New Zealand Dishes on Data

David Jordine, Sales Executive, Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe ANZ – LinkedIn

Nigel Tutt, General Manager – Digital Media, Fairfax New Zealand

Nigel Tutt, General Manager – Digital Media, Fairfax New Zealand

It’s no surprise that as the digital marketing industry evolves, the data that proves marketing results is becoming just as important as smart marketing ideas themselves. With this thought in mind, I was excited to attend yesterday’s ad:tech Digital Data Summit in Sydney, an event dedicated to encouraging Australian publishers, marketers and agencies to turn data into actionable insights to optimise campaign performance.

The event offered two tracks for attendees to choose from: one focusing on data and how marketers use it; and the second track providing insights into the digital advertising scene. A mix of some very lively panel discussions and individual presentations gave attendees the chance to hear from some of Australia’s top practitioners.

A highlight of the day for me, was the announcement by our customer, Nigel Tutt, who’s Fairfax New Zealand’s General Manager, Digital Media, that his organization has become the first in Asia Pacific to implement Adobe’s AudienceManager tool as its new data management platform.

The move to work with AudienceManager means that Fairfax NZ, the publisher of some of New Zealand’s most popular online news and information sites (, Computerworld, Rugby Heaven and more) will now be able to identify more specific audience sets among their broad and varied traffic. In turn, this is going to enable them to create packages and opportunities offering far more targeted offerings to advertisers across industries.

I’m going to be watching how Fairfax NZ uses this new platform with great interest. I’m also looking forward to seeing the impact this has on the smart advertisers who want to make sure their digital marketing campaigns are highly targeted and performing to maximum impact.