Marc Gagne, Senior Direc­tor, Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn

Last weeks’ Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Sym­po­sium in Bei­jing was sim­ply amaz­ing. More than 500 mar­keters attended the event and Adobe announced the launch of an excit­ing new dig­i­tal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram for dig­i­tal ana­lyt­ics. I’ve been heav­ily involved in devel­op­ing this pro­gram and as far as I know, it’s the first of its kind to be designed and cre­ated in Asia Pacific, specif­i­cally to fos­ter the next gen­er­a­tion of APAC dig­i­tal analysts.

The pro­gram itself has a rich back­story. The Adobe team is in a priv­i­leged posi­tion to travel reg­u­larly through the APAC region and no mat­ter which coun­try we visit, we always hear the same thing from our cus­tomers and part­ners; “can’t find enough data dri­ven, dig­i­tal mar­keters.”  We devel­oped the pro­gram in response to this demand as well as to cre­ate an industry-standard cer­ti­fi­ca­tion that can con­firm pro­fi­ciency in dig­i­tal ana­lyt­ics. We designed it specif­i­cally for expe­ri­enced dig­i­tal ana­lysts, dig­i­tal mar­keters, and online decision-makers to help them make the tran­si­tion from sim­ply man­ag­ing data, to using it to derive action­able insights which can be applied to make more informed busi­ness decisions.

After putting the final touches on the pro­gram, we piloted it with help from one of our major Aus­tralian cus­tomers, Sun­corp Bank. The feed­back from the Sun­corp team fol­low­ing the five-day, inter­ac­tive course, was very pos­i­tive and they felt much more con­fi­dent about work­ing with data, eval­u­at­ing and mea­sur­ing results, and apply­ing the learn­ings to their strategy.

Garth Stub­bin, Suncorp’s Advi­sor, Dig­i­tal Mea­sure­ment and Opti­mi­sa­tion, said “We under­took this train­ing to raise our capa­bil­i­ties in our quest to become a data-driven orga­ni­za­tion. We found the course gave us the oppor­tu­nity to develop vital skills some­times over­looked by spe­cial­ists in this field. The train­ing gave us the con­fi­dence to uncover oppor­tu­ni­ties and present insights to stake­hold­ers across our organization.”

 Like the Sun­corp team, atten­dees of the dig­i­tal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram will receive train­ing on:

  • Align­ing insights to busi­ness objectives
  • Plan­ning and report­ing on online campaigns
  • Under­stand­ing high vol­umes of data
  • Set­ting clear goals and assign­ing dig­i­tal KPIs
  • Max­imis­ing the value from dig­i­tal campaigns
  • Inte­gra­tion of dig­i­tal analy­sis, dig­i­tal opti­mi­sa­tion and monetization
  • Opti­mis­ing mar­ket­ing cam­paign and chan­nel performance
  • Insights from cus­tomer segmentation
  • Advanced indus­try ver­ti­cal analy­sis in sec­tors includ­ing Finance, Media and Adver­tis­ing, Retail and e-Commerce, Travel, Telco and Technology
  • Atten­dees will com­plete the course with an Adobe cer­tifi­cate in Dig­i­tal Analytics

When it comes to data, what’s really impor­tant is what you do with the data once you have it.  This course is going to help make that process even more valu­able. If you’re work­ing in this field, take a look at the course today.