Julie Clee­land Nicholls, Direc­tor, Com­mu­ni­ca­tions –  APAC Adobe Sys­tems@jcnsingapore, LinkedIn


In the main con­fer­ence room, 5000 del­e­gates are watch­ing a stun­ning visual dis­play on a series of over­sized screens that com­prise the same square footage as an aver­age house. Adobe SVP and Gen­eral Man­ager of Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Brad Rencher, is telling the audi­ence that one of his favourite parts of prepar­ing for the annual Adobe Sum­mit over the years is read­ing the list of the titles that del­e­gates use. Five years ago, there was a heavy rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the word ‘Web’ in del­e­gates’ des­ig­na­tions. Today, he says there are 1,800 dis­tinct titles rep­re­sented, includ­ing ‘Dig­i­tal Tax­on­o­mist’, ‘Con­tent Tzar’ and, as he points out, lots of use of the phrase ‘Omni-Channel’. Omni-Channel, says Brad: it’s the new black.

We’re in the open­ing keynote ses­sion on the morn­ing of the first day of Adobe Sum­mit, the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Con­fer­ence. Among the del­e­gates from 27 dif­fer­ent coun­tries are 120 dig­i­tal mar­keters from Asia Pacific, all hear­ing Brad explain that dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing is now a board-level con­ver­sa­tion; a strate­gic imper­a­tive no busi­ness can afford to ignore.

Brad explains the con­cept of ‘the last mil­lisec­ond’. As mar­keters, we’re tasked with deliv­er­ing expe­ri­ences to con­sumers in a frac­tional space of time: between the action – every swipe, tag, drag and click – and the deci­sion – to buy, to sub­scribe, to join, or to leave the page.

To deliver a qual­ity, engag­ing, in-context expe­ri­ence in that last mil­lisec­ond, mar­keters need to over­come not only tech­nol­ogy bar­ri­ers but also orga­ni­za­tional ones. “We don’t need more tools,” says Brad, “We just need to work bet­ter with what’s avail­able now.  Get­ting access to the data that will deliver the infor­ma­tion we need to build the right expe­ri­ences can  be a big chal­lenge. We need to get to a point where as mar­keters, we’re able to access our data at any time, sim­ply and easily.”

Where mar­keters can con­nect the dots to deliver in that last mil­lisec­ond, is where the big results start to hap­pen. With Asia’s fast growth, cul­ture of inno­va­tion, and smart mar­keters, it’s going to be very inter­est­ing to see what case stud­ies come out of our region in the months and years ahead, as forward-looking com­pa­nies engage every touch­point, to deliver con­sumer expe­ri­ences that make a real dif­fer­ence to the business.

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