Angus Beat­tie, Senior Account Man­ager, Adobe ANZ (@AngusBeattie, LinkedIn)

I’m going to share a sta­tis­tic I came across in a Forbes mag­a­zine story and I’d love to know whether you find it as absolutely stag­ger­ing as I did when I first read the piece. Accord­ing to a study released by Cisco last month, by 2016 monthly global mobile traf­fic is esti­mated to exceed 10 exabytes (for ref­er­ence, an exabyte is a mil­lion ter­abytes) – and while that alone is quite sig­nif­i­cant, a whop­ping 40% of that traf­fic will come from Asia. 40%, it is hard to believe that nearly half of world­wide mobile traf­fic is poised to come from our region alone!

As mobile mar­ket­ing has gained momen­tum over the past few years, there’s been pro­lific indus­try chat­ter nom­i­nat­ing that each new year was ‘the year of mobile‘. Frankly, I’ve never taken that view. I think we’re just start­ing to grasp exactly how far we in the mar­ket­ing indus­try can go with one of the most excit­ing and expan­sive areas we’ve seen in years.

Today’s mar­keters have a vast mobil­ity tool kit full of tac­tics for con­sumer engage­ment such as QR codes, SMS, location-based mar­ket­ing using GPS tech­nol­ogy and more. Long gone are the days when mobile device users were con­sid­ered a niche audi­ence. These days, devel­op­ers under­stand that they have a wide audi­ence to reach via a wide range of plat­forms like iOS, Android and Win­dows. Those plat­forms are run­ning on an devices like smart­phones, tablets, and even ‘phablets’ (yes, a phone-tablet hybrid now exists). More often than ever at mar­ket­ing events we hear indus­try lead­ers pro­claim that when it comes to dig­i­tal con­tent we need to ‘build for mobile first and expand out from there’.

The pro­lif­er­a­tion of devices shows no signs of slow­ing down, and mobile deliv­ery plat­forms are con­tin­u­ing to mature. So, what does this mean for mar­keters across APAC? Mar­ket­ing directly to the palm of con­sumers’ hands through their per­sonal devices is now well received. Accord­ing to the Asia Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Association’s (ADMA) 2011 Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Year­book, more than two-thirds of con­sumers across the region say they are com­fort­able receiv­ing mobile adver­tis­ing. Also worth noting:

  • 65% of con­sumers use online ser­vices to locate nearby services
  • More than a quar­ter of mobile users across APAC say they will use their device in-store to research prod­ucts and services
  • Nearly half of mobile users in the region say they’ve ben­e­fit­ted from being intro­duced to a prod­uct via mobile advertising

Rather than stat­ing last year, this year or even next year as the sin­gu­lar ban­ner year for mobile mar­ket­ing, per­haps we’re best to agree that we’re right in the mid­dle of the mobile era — or is this just the begin­ning?  I wel­come your thoughts on the topic.